New collection launching at New York's NYNOW market

I'll be taking my new collection of chainmail jewellery to New York's trade show NYNOW in February. 

Subtle Luxury

This year I'm bringing some new pieces that I've worked to create a really cohesive collection.

It's all about subtle luxury - my chainmail jewellery pieces are modern but never bold or brash, I design them to be elegant and surprise with unexpected elements and meticulous hand finishes.

And this season I've introduced some hidden magic to my work with earrings and necklaces that glimmer with gold shimmering underneath their Titanium links. 

It's this subtlety and confidence that infuses my 2018 collection.

For any galleries or retailer heading to NYNOW you'll find me and my work at booth 1363F from the 4-7th February 2018.

nynow booth

And if you're interested in seeing more of my collection now head to my Look Book and do sign up to my email list to be first to hear when my new collection goes live after the market.


As a wearer, gold feels warm and soft to the skin like no other metal can, it's got a luxuriousness that transcends fashions and has no age restrictions. Whether you're a young girl who's getting her first piece of 'proper' jewellery or a more seasoned buyer looking to add your collection a gold piece is always a great investment. 


So this year at Goldsmiths I'm looking forward to hearing what visitors feel about the new pieces and if the gold collection is as popular as the titanium pieces I'm known for.

Do let me know if you're heading to the show and I'd be thrilled if you stopped by my booth.

Alison x