Goldsmiths Fair 2017

This Sunday sees the start of my Goldsmiths 2017 week. It's the day that I pack up all my work and hotfoot it into London to set up my stand for the show.

This year I'm particularly excited to attend as I've introduced more gold than ever before into my collection. It's brought a new quality to my designs that I'm really pleased with.

Gold is luscious, it's soft and buttery which as a maker means it's lovely to work with. And the glow that it offers also works wonderfully with stones, it enriches them and makes them more luminous. I'm smitten with it.


As a wearer, gold feels warm and soft to the skin like no other metal can, it's got a luxuriousness that transcends fashions and has no age restrictions. Whether you're a young girl who's getting her first piece of 'proper' jewellery or a more seasoned buyer looking to add your collection a gold piece is always a great investment. 


So this year at Goldsmiths I'm looking forward to hearing what visitors feel about the new pieces and if the gold collection is as popular as the titanium pieces I'm known for.

I hope you can make the show - doors open on Tuesday at 11am and I'd be thrilled if you stopped by.

Alison x